The Importance of Small Business ERP Software

Small business ERP software refers to light weighted business management software designed to meet the needs of small businesses. The software can be integrated in various facets of business such as manufacturing, development, marketing and sales. They can be deployed in project management, manufacturing, warehouse, sales, business management and accounting.

Small business ERP software is typically designed for small businesses and may handle varying amounts of data. They are less complex and can be customized to suit the needs of the business.

Why implement ERP software

Small business ERP software is meant to help keep the business in order as it grows. Choosing the right package that can keep track of the shipments, inventory and accounting helps in enhancing efficiency and makes the business profitable. The software increases productivity and plays a great role in cost reduction.
A wide variety of ERP exists in the marketplace. They offer similar functions but may come with specific features depending on the business needs.

Why use ERP software

i) Increases the companies cash flows
Increasing the rate at which client pays for delivered goods avails more resources to engage in productive activities. Such companies are likely to experience increased cash flows and grow at a faster rate. If a company is using non integrated software, it may require uploads from one system to another. The gaps in data flow may slow down the response time. This means that it may take a longer period before the customer pays and may result in decreased cash flows. Integrated ERP software provides a solution to this problem.

ii) Reach
Since the ERP system is an integrated system, it allows the company to use the same system a cross a multiple geographies. A company that runs an ERP system can have a service center, a warehouse and offices located in different places and still operate smoothly as if they are located in the same area because the employees use and see the same data regardless of their physical locations. Thus, ERP software eliminates the need of storing data in multiple physical locations. It eliminated the need to upload and extract data in central data storage site.

In conclusion, implementing an ERP system provides a company with many benefits, it helps to re-engineer and re-think the current business processes and methodologies. The system streamlines the business operations by integrating data and refining business operations. It gives an organization many functional silos.

ERP for small business benefits

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